Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST) has many innovative Web 2.0 software as a service (SAAS) products for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and academic markets.

We tailor these solutions to your exact business and research needs. We understand that the software that makes one company successful may not work for another. Each client and project is different.

  • VISTA Surveys: Automated Site Feasibility and Site Assessment for Clinical Studies

    VISTA is a unique web-based site assessment management service that helps to streamline your site selection process. For site and protocol feasibility, VISTA’s automated site feasibility and qualification questionnaires provide faster and more accurate data collection, thus improving your site selection decisions. For EDC studies, VISTA also offers automated technical site assessments to remotely capture comprehensive information about your sites’ computer infrastructure within minutes.

  • VISTA Studies: Web-based Survey Management System for Reseach Studies

    VISTA Studies is an economical, web-based survey management system designed specifically for researchers. Whether it’s a single survey or a complex multi-year, multi-survey study VISTA automatically handles the collection, management, reporting, and storage of your research data, freeing you to concentrate on your research results.

  • VISTA Sleep Assessment: A web-based solution for the administration of sleep diaries & other self-report questionnaires

    VISTA Sleep Assessment is a HIPAA-compliant Web 2.0 solution for quickly and efficiently gathering self-reported data from patients and research subjects.

  • VISTA CME: Assessing CME Outcomes for Busy Clinicians

    Mobile CME Outcomes assists the busy clinician in the assessment of performance measures and patient health following CME programs.

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