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  • 09/04/08

Nitric BioTherapeutics, Inc. Selects VISTA for Site Assessment in an EDC Trial

VISTA web-based service successfully used by Nitric BioTherapeutics, Inc. to asses computer infrastructure and Internet connection speeds at remote investigative sites for an EDC Clinical Trial.

MEDIA, PA September 4, 2008 - Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST), a leader in the area of technology-enabling software and services for clinical trials, announced today that Nitric BioTherapeutics, Inc, a biopharmaceutical and medical device company based in Pennsylvania, has successfully implemented VISTA, a web-based investigative site technology assessment service.

PCs at remote investigative sites need to be technologically assessed before any EDC clinical study begins. This ensures that the site meets the hardware and software requirements of the study and is typically carried out via manual assessment surveys, which are slow, expensive, and often inaccurate.

According to Elise Furman, President of SST, "Site investigators and clinical staff often face frustration when conducting technology assessments of clinical study sites. Existing manual assessment methods tend to be time and labor-intensive, tedious and prone to inaccuracies, thus creating delays and problems for site investigators and clinical staff."

"VISTA is a web-based service designed specifically to solve these problems. It is a quick and easy way for non-technical users in clinical research to carry out the assessment process, leading to significant cost and time savings. Within seconds to minutes, VISTA accurately assesses, captures, and reports on the technology infrastructure of remote sites anywhere around the world. This is a service that is highly beneficial for pharmaceutical sponsors, CROs, and EDC providers."

Jovianna DiCarlo, Dermatology Clinical Development Manager of Nitric BioTherapeutics, Inc., commented, "VISTA's technical reporting capabilities are invaluable when electronically managing clinical trials and sites in third world countries. The ability to run and preview detailed comprehensive report on each computer to be utilized at each site provides real-time assessment of operation systems, browser information, firewalls, internet speed and connection types."

She further explained, "Importantly, corrective measures can be immediately deployed to adequately support and satisfy application system operating requirements. VISTA allows me to eliminate potential issues that may delay the receipt of study data, and that's why I include VISTA technical reporting and mitigation of corrective measures within each specific electronic clinical trial application eSOP and eValidation map I develop"

For more information regarding VISTA and how it helps pharmaceutical sponsors, CROs, EDC providers and investigative sites, visit, or contact Scientific Software Tools, Inc., at (610) 891-1640.

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia and founded in 1988 by a M.D. and R.N., Scientific Software Tools, Inc. provides software development services to customers in the pharmaceutical, CRO, manufacturing and healthcare industries

Nitric BioTherapeutics, Inc, is a venture backed biopharmaceutical and medical device company developing treatments for the healing of chronic wounds and the resolution of infections using topical application of nitric oxide gas (gNO). Nitric oxide has significant broad spectrum antimicrobial effects, including potent effects against drug-resistant bacterial strains, as well as effects on inflammation, collagen production and blood flow. Nitric BioTherapeutics is pursuing human clinical work in a number of indications including chronic wounds and as an anti-infective agent.

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