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  • 11/29/07

VISTA Expands Capabilities to Accelerate Site Selection Process

VISTA helps pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs accelerate the study start-up process through faster site selection using new web-based investigative site assessment service.

MEDIA, PA November 29, 2007 - Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST), a leader in the area of technology-enabling software and services for clinical trials, announced today that it has expanded VISTA's capabilities to provide pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs with a new web-based site assessment service to quickly and easily qualify and assess investigators for clinical trials, thus resulting in faster site selection and study start-up.

Before any clinical trial begins, a site assessment is performed to qualify suitable sites for the specific study. Existing manual methods make this process both time-consuming and tedious as the clinical team end up engaging in back and forth communications with the investigative sites through lengthy paper questionnaires and multiple phone calls. In contrast, VISTA's online site feasibility and qualification questionnaires and automated assessment capabilities simplify and speed up the gathering of information from potential sites, thus shortening the study start-up period by 1 to 4 weeks.

Elise Furman, President of SST, said, "Site investigators and clinical support staff often face problems with the manual site assessment process due to inefficiencies such as delays and inaccuracies in collecting data. This increases the unnecessary use of resources for pharmaceutical sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs)."

"VISTA eliminates the inefficiency of the manual site assessment process with a comprehensive site assessment solution, integrating customizable online questionnaires and automated assessment capabilities for site feasibility and qualification. The clinical staff and investigators save time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple surveys, while accurate site assessment data is disseminated in real-time to all the parties concerned. This shortens the study start-up process and enhances the study experience for all stakeholders involved."

For more information on VISTA and how it helps pharmaceutical sponsors, CROs, EDC providers and investigative sites, visit, or contact Elise Furman at Scientific Software Tools, Inc., at (610) 891-1640.

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