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  • 04/17/2007

VISTA Adds New Features to Better Meet Site Assessment Needs for E-Clinical Studies

New features in the latest version of VISTA, a web-based automated site technology assessment service, help to provide an enhanced site assessment solution, thus further improving the implementation of e-clinical studies

MEDIA, PA April 17, 2007 - Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST), a leader in the area of technology-enabling software and services for clinical trials, has unveiled the latest version of VISTA, a web-based automated site technology assessment service, with new features to better meet the site assessment needs for e-clinical studies.

With the incorporation of these additional features, VISTA seeks to streamline the site assessment process and further shorten the study start-up period. Apart from the site technical assessment, the investigative site usually has to complete a host of other qualitative paper surveys as well. Valuable time is also wasted on the tedious task of manually entering the data obtained into a database.

The new VISTA version allows these qualitative surveys to be consolidated into a single process along with the technical assessment, thus eliminating the use of paper completely. Clinical staff can now obtain all the information that they need in one setting, while site investigators also benefit from greater convenience as they no longer need to face the hassle of dealing with different surveys from multiple points of contact.

In addition, VISTA presents the data obtained from the qualitative surveys and the technical assessment in a new XML format, thus allowing the information to be effortlessly transferred into a database. This facilitates the sharing of data both across different information systems and among all the parties involved in the study.

"The newest version of VISTA takes into account valuable comments and feedback from our users and represents Scientific Software Tools' commitment in delivering high-quality products that exceed our customers' expectations," Elise Furman, President of SST, said. "These new features will allow VISTA to offer a more integrated and comprehensive site assessment solution, thus enhancing the study experience for all stakeholders involved in the study."

"This was evident in a recent study sponsored by one of our customers, where significant study improvements were experienced through the use of the new VISTA," she said. "The clinical staff and investigators saved time and hassle in dealing with multiple surveys, while accurate site assessment data was disseminated in real-time to all the parties concerned. The technical support personnel were able to have direct access to all the information needed, thus allowing them to speed up the remediation process."

To find out more about VISTA and how it can improve your e-clinical studies, visit, or contact Scientific Software Tools, Inc. at (610) 891-1640.


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