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  • 03/07/2007

Newly Improved VISTA Website Offers Educational Resources to Improve EDC Clinical Trials

VISTA relaunches its website with a fresh new design and additional educational resources about site assessment for EDC studies.

MEDIA, PA March 7, 2007 - Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST), a leader in the area of technology-enabling software and services for clinical trials, has launched a newly improved website for VISTA, the web-based investigative site technology assessment service offered by the company.

The VISTA website now boasts several new additions and a change in design, which provides a cleaner look that is more reader-friendly. One of the main highlights is a flash video which demonstrates how VISTA enhances the clinical trial process by shortening the time required for study start-up.

Currently, site technology assessments are conducted manually and can take as long as two weeks to complete. In contrast, VISTA shortens the assessment time to a few minutes, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for pharmaceutical sponsors, CROs, and EDC vendors.

Companies seeking to find out more about improving their EDC clinical trials can also view the "Resource Library", which offers a wealth of information about automated site assessment and the value it provides to the EDC study process. In addition, look out for the all-new "Case Studies" section, which illustrates the usage of VISTA in different real-life applications within the industry.

Elise Furman, President of SST, said, "The newly revamped VISTA website shows our commitment in educating the market about automated site assessment. We decided to introduce these much-needed educational resources into our website as many people in the industry still fail to appreciate the problems associated with manual site assessment methods."

"In particular, the flash video is an entertaining portrayal of the problems faced by site investigators and clinical staff when using existing manual methods. These manual surveys often demand highly technical information from investigators which they do not possess, resulting in study delays and inaccuracies. We believe the video will help to convey the frustration associated with manual site assessment and convince viewers of the value that VISTA adds to the study start-up process."

To view the flash video, click on:

For other information regarding VISTA and how it might help your clinical trial, visit, or contact Scientific Software Tools, Inc., at (610) 891-1640.

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