The Right Choice for Software Development

80% of software projects fail to meet budget, schedule, objective, or completion. Is this your reality?

Schedule, Budget, Vision, Competitive Edge

Can you afford to sacrifice any of these critical factors when selecting a software development firm? Do you worry that your project won’t be completed to your satisfaction? Or, are missed deadlines and costly overruns threatening to derail your software project? And… should you have to deal with these dilemmas while running other aspects of your company?

Many decision makers in small-sized to Fortune 50 companies have found themselves in your position. They needed to implement software that would make an impact enterprise or worldwide. They simply made one decision; they chose Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST).

Founded in 1988, SST has an extensive track record of success providing Web, mobile, and Windows software development services to clients in a variety of manufacturing, medical, and life science industries. Additionally, SST provides innovative Web 2.0 software as a service (SAAS) products for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and academic markets.

If time to market, lack of resources, or a deficiency in a certain technical area is limiting your success, contact us for your next software project. We will do whatever it takes to get it done right the first time.

Can you afford to sacrifice time, vision, or competitive edge?